Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Capitalism of Punishment

From July 16th 2001 until December 31st 20012 the two biggest For-Profit prisons in America, Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group gained an eye popping 671.73% and 502.49% respectively.  While, over his same period of time, violent crime in the United States dropped to 15 crimes per 1,000, a 40% drop from 2001.  This same trend is evident in property crime with a decline of 28% over this same period of time.

Corrections Corporation has a market cap of 3.71B and GEO Group has a market cap of 1.8B.  Analysts report that both have price upside in the coming 12 months. 

If you're an investor I suppose you have think that you might want to get on this bandwagon, right?  I mean if you had put 5k into Corrections Corp in '01 you'd have $335,800 today which is a pretty compelling return.  And for goodness sakes if you can grow 670+ % when your primary 'customers' are decreasing by 40% hell you can grow in any environment!  Let's lock everyone up!


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